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Long Flight? Healthy Snacks You Can Carry On


By Nicola Bridges

In-flight peanuts and pretzels are often the only food available on flights today, and airport food picked up for the plane ride can be heavy and loaded with calories. Instead, pack nutritious healthy snacks in your carry-on that will quell your cravings without weighing you down. Pack extras and you'll have light bites to enjoy on your extended journey, for adventures at your destination and for those late-night munchies when you're trying to avoid the hotel minibar. Here are some favorite in-flight snacks to take along.

Japanese-flavored Spirit Almonds: Peanuts are fine, but these all-natural roasted almonds in a variety of signature Japanese flavors are finer. They include miso, curry, black garlic and seaweed taste sensations. If you can't decide which delightfully delicious pouch to pack along, try the variety box to satisfy your on-the-go gourmet nut cravings.

Nomz Organic Nut Bites: These delectable bite-size balls of chocolatey, nutty goodness are crafted with wholesome ingredients and without refined sugar, which helps keep your blood glucose balanced on the go. With a velvety fudge brownie texture inside and nutty crunch coating, each coconut, almond, hazelnut and pistachio organic bite is packed with hunger-crushing healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Cheese Brothers Gourmet Cheese Snack Sticks: Kick your cheese sticks game up a notch and pack aboard some delicious protein with the Cheese Brothers Wisconsin Collection Gourmet Cheese Snack Sticks. The 15-stick sampler features 100% all-natural Wisconsin-made reserve cheeses in two varieties: nutty and rich Parmesan and extra-sharp eight-year-aged cheddar.

Top Seedz Crackers: Healthy crackers to pair with your cheese? Yes, please! Try these crispy, crunchy gluten-free, vegan and nut-free crackers covered in roasted seeds in four seed-sational flavors: rosemary, cumin, sea salt and 6-seed. For extra seed snacking, go for the Flavor Frenzy six-pack, which includes a pouch of Maple Magic Roasted Seeds.

Simply Stellar Mini Pretzel Braids: Served on some airlines, these frequent-flier-favorite pretzels go way beyond boring and dry. If your airline isn't one of them, break out your own tasty braids. Choose from Bold & Herby, Maui Monk, Simply Stellar or -- my favorite -- tongue-tinglingly spicey Sweet & Sparky.

Oloves Snack Olives: Love olives? So does Oloves. These bags of plump, green, pitted Greek Halkidiki and Kalamata olives come in refreshing flavors: basil & garlic, lemon & rosemary and chili & oregano.

Theo's Beet Jerky: Manage your meat cravings or value being vegan on your flight with this superfood jerky made from regenerative, nutrient-rich organic beets -- which means Theo's uses beets from farms that foster soil health and composting. Paired with curated spices, the sesame-ginger teriyaki, savory BBQ and sea salt & cracked pepper beet jerky flavors turn the humble beet into a jerk-textured experience.

Choomi All-Natural Macaroons: Prefer to pack a sweet treat? Try these Choomi classic coconut or chocolate chip macaroons to satisfy your sweet tooth as you travel. These gluten-free, guilt-free goodies are made with unsweetened coconut, all-natural honey, and sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds. This heart-healthy snack will calm your cravings as you cruise above the clouds.

Bahamii Organic Date & Nut Energy Bites: Indulge in the guilt-free goodness of these deliciously delectable date bars, full of sweet crunch with no added sugars and made with only seven all-natural ingredients: dates, almonds, cocoa powder, coconut oil, vanilla extract, sea salt and almond extract. Blending ingredients from their American Iranian heritage, the founding three brothers, Noah, Aaron and Jonah, named Bahamii after the Farsi word "baham," meaning "together" -- and added two i's because, as the brothers say, two coming together makes a date (pun intended).




Japanese-flavored Spirit Almonds: Sampler six-pack is $9.99 or 12-pack $26.99, www. spiritalmond.com

Nomz Organic Nut Bites: Eight-pack assorted bite box $32, www.nomz.com

Cheese Brothers Gourmet Cheese Snack Sticks: $29.95, www.cheesebros.com

Top Seedz Crackers: $7.99 each or six-pack $47.94, www.topseedz.com

Simply Stellar Mini Pretzel Braids: Variety four-pack $24.99, www.stellarsnacks.com

Oloves Snack Olives: Variety 24-pack $30.87, available at www.amazon.com

Theo's Beet Jerky: Variety three-pack $24, www.theosplantbased.com

Choomi All-Natural Macaroons: (four-pack $19.95, www.choominaturals.com

Bahamii Organic Date & Nut Energy Bites: six-pack $14.99, www.bahamii.com


Nicola Bridges is a freelance writer. To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.

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