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Real Estate Matters: If you can pay cash for a home, should you still consider getting a loan?

Q: We are considering purchasing a new home in a national home builder's development. We could go through their loan people or pay cash. We are not sure what the costs of going through the loan process may be with them, but before we get started, what is your opinion as to whether it is best to mortgage with these low rates or purchase with cash...Read more

Real Estate Matters: Sharing mortgage responsibility requires careful consideration and a paper trail

Q: I have been discussing assisting my father with his mortgage now that he is retired. We have decided on a 60/40 split of the monthly payment, and I'll pick up the larger share. The thinking is that I'll inherit the home when he passes and also, of course, assume the outstanding mortgage.

My question is, how can I structure this arrangement ...Read more

Real Estate Matters: Tax ramifications vary depending on beneficiaries of trust

Q: My wife passed away this past year and our home is titled in her trust, with me as trustee and my children as beneficiaries upon my passing. If I sell the house, is my cost basis the value on her date of death?

If so, and there is a gain when sold, am I entitled to the $250,000 gain exclusion? If I stay in the house and my children inherit ...Read more


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