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Find Tape Easily with This Simple Paperclip Hack


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Have you ever found yourself searching endlessly for the end of a roll of tape, only to end up frustrated with the sticky mess on your fingers? Well, there's a clever and straightforward hack to put an end to this annoyance – attach a paperclip to the end of the tape.

Why Use a Paperclip? Easy Identification: By securing a paperclip to the end of the tape, you create a quick and visible identifier. No more wasted time searching for that elusive starting point.

Neat and Tidy: The paperclip keeps the end of the tape neatly in place, preventing it from rolling back and sticking to itself. This way, your tape remains clean and ready for use whenever you need it.

Convenient and Time-Saving: With the paperclip hack, you can effortlessly find and access the beginning of the tape. It saves time during various activities, from gift wrapping to packaging items for shipping.

Reusable Solution: The great thing about this hack is that you can reuse the paperclip multiple times with different rolls of tape, making it a budget-friendly and eco-friendly solution.

Travel-Friendly: If you frequently use tape during your travels or outdoor activities, attaching a paperclip to the tape roll keeps it manageable and prevents it from getting tangled in your bag.

How to Apply the Paperclip Hack: Get the Right Paperclip: Choose a standard-size paperclip that matches the width of the tape you are using. You don't want it to be too big or too small; the idea is to secure the tape without getting in the way.


Unwind the Tape: Before attaching the paperclip, unwind the tape from the roll until you find the starting point or edge.

Secure the Paperclip: Once you locate the tape's edge, gently press the paperclip onto it. Make sure it adheres firmly to prevent the tape from rolling back.

Ready to Use: Your tape roll is now equipped with a handy paperclip guide. Simply pull the tape and start using it without any hassle.

Other Tips for Tape Organization: Store Tape Upright: Keep your rolls of tape upright in a container or desk organizer. This makes it easier to find the one you need quickly.

Label Different Types: If you have multiple types of tape (e.g., scotch tape, masking tape), consider adding small labels to the outside of the rolls to identify them easily.

In conclusion, using a paperclip to secure the end of a roll of tape is a genius hack that simplifies tape handling and prevents frustration. This small and practical trick is perfect for anyone who frequently uses tape and wants a convenient way to find the starting point without a struggle. Give it a try, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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