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3 Key Factors to Consider Before Boarding Your Dog


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If you had to leave town for a week, who would take care of your dog? It’s tough to find people who are willing and able to look after your beloved pet while you’re gone. That’s where dog boarding services come in.

Boarding your dog is your best option whenever a business trip or vacation takes you away from home. Boarded dogs receive great care, exercise, playtime with other dogs, and more.

You shouldn’t just drop your dog off at the first boarding service you find. There are some important factors to consider when choosing where to board your pet. Keep reading to learn three key tips for boarding your dog.

1. Your Dog’s Needs

Before you decide where to board your dog, you need to learn how to board your dog. That means you need to figure out your pet’s specific needs – for instance, do they have dietary restrictions?

Your dog’s temperament is an important factor in choosing a boarding service. Many dog boarding facilities will allow you to do a temperament assessment before leaving your dog there.

A temperament assessment is like a trial run; it allows your dog to stay at the boarding facility for a short time to see how well they acclimate. Do they get along with the staff and other dogs?

If your dog needs any special treatment, make sure the boarding service is equipped to handle that.

2. The Facility

Many people refer to dog boarding services as doggy daycare. You wouldn’t leave your child at a daycare facility that seemed dirty or unsafe; the same should apply to your dog and its boarding facility.

Visit the facility ahead of time and ask to look around. Make sure the place is clean and well-taken care of. Look out for potential hazards like chemicals or sharp objects. Ask about sanitation procedures.

Security is key. A good dog boarding facility should have strong gates and fences so that your dog can’t try to escape.

3. Staffing Considerations

One of the most important dog boarding tips is to pay careful attention to the boarding service’s staff. Take note of how staff members treat animals – are they friendly and gentle? Can they be commanding when necessary?

Ask about staffing hours. Ideally, there will be staff on hand at all times – that way, if there’s an emergency, it can be addressed immediately.

Consider the ratio of staff to pets. Again, think in terms of daycare: even a trained professional can’t oversee fifty kids at once without getting overwhelmed. The same is true when it comes to dogs.

You can also ask what qualifications the caretakers have. Veterinary training and experience are a big plus.

Boarding Your Dog Made Easy

Boarding your dog shouldn’t be a stressful experience – on the contrary, a boarding service should put you and your pet at ease. By checking up on the service’s staff and facility, you can be sure your pet is in good hands.

Now that your dog is taken care of, you can take some time to relax. Visit our home and leisure blog to find articles about gardening, travel destinations, and other ways to unwind!




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