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On Gardening: The poinsettia a treasured Christmas tradition

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Black Friday turned out to be a real shocker for me. It wasn't for store fighting, super discounts on large TV's or digital cameras but, instead, it was the rush to buy poinsettias. I was surprised that poinsettias made the 'lost leader' list, similarly, to the 39-cents-per-pound turkey at Thanksgiving. Secondly, I was just as shocked that the ...Read more

The Greener View: Gifts for People With Green Thumbs

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With holiday shopping in full swing, I have a few suggestions for the gardener on your list. When I am working in my yard, I am constantly going back and forth into the house. I hate having to stop and untie my boots before I come inside, so I don't. Sometimes (my wife says often) I track some dirt into the house. Apparently, a clean floor is ...Read more

On Gardening: Japanese maples showing out in a tapestry of color

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Currently western Georgia from Columbus to LaGrange is experiencing an explosion of color like many have never seen. Every maple species seems to be trying to outdo the next; as beautiful as they are, it is the Japanese maples that take your breath away. These small trees are ablaze with fiery red, orange, crimson, and yellow lending a tapestry ...Read more

The Greener View: Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

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The growing season may be over for the gardener in your family, but the gift-giving season is just getting started. The gardener on your shopping list may tell you that he has all the gardening tools he needs, but I have a few here that he probably doesn't have and would be glad to receive.

I like combining several small items into one larger ...Read more


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