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Countdown to college: Breaking up is hard to do

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For young couples in high school heading off to college, it must seem like the world doesn’t believe in love. Everyone — well, mostly everyone — is telling them to break up and start fresh in college. Long-distance romances can be challenging in the best of times. Trying to maintain a relationship that started in high school can be ...Read more

Countdown to college: How to answer prompt No. 1 in the Common Application

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There are seven essay choices on the Common Application. Students need to write one essay that is 250 to 650 words. Let’s take a look at prompt No. 1:

“Some students have a background, identity, interest or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please ...Read more

Countdown to college: It's time for seniors to think about their college essays

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Summer is a great time to ponder deep thoughts, and right about now, rising seniors should be pondering their college essays.

The essay is the best opportunity for students to set themselves apart in the college application. Their grades through junior year are set, and while they may be able to improve their test scores in the fall, it’s ...Read more

Countdown to college: Make the most of summer campus visits

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College campuses are opening up. For the first time in a long time, families are actually planning real in-person campus visits.

People always seem to apologize when they’re making plans for summer campus visits. “I’m sorry, I know we should have done all this sooner, during spring break, but we couldn’t work it out.”

Campus ...Read more

Countdown to college: A parent's perspective

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about a student who shared lessons learned during the college admissions process. This week, it’s equal time for a parent’s perspective. Here’s what one mom had to say:

Q: What did you do right?

A: We started early, looking at schools at the end of sophomore year. At first it was just casual “window ...Read more

Countdown to college: More summer advice for rising seniors

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If there is one tip I’d like to share with rising seniors, it would be to get organized this summer. Plan, revise the plan and then stick to it.

I know planning is almost antithetical to many teenagers, but the college admissions process presents an ever-changing landscape with lots of moving parts.

Things to think about over the summer:...Read more

Countdown to college: Lessons learned during the process

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I asked some students how they felt about the entire college admissions process, now that their final decisions are behind them. I wondered what lessons they learned and what they would be eager to share with rising seniors now that they had passed to the other side.

What struck me was how similar their responses were to what college ...Read more

Countdown to college: Creative ways to say congrats to grads

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Cash may be still be king when it comes to what high school grads want to see when they open their graduation cards, but if you’re interested in a spark of creativity or trying to personalize your gifts, here are some fun suggestions.

Keeping them connected

Students are constantly connected electronically, so most anything that will make...Read more

Countdown to college: What should rising seniors be doing over the summer?

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“Junior year is almost over, time for a vacation” is a frequently heard refrain in many households these days.

Yes, they absolutely deserve a break, but let me be the bad guy and tell them not to waste away their summer. Give them some decompression time. Let them push aside their mathematical equations and U.S. history dates and allow ...Read more

Countdown to college: How to decide whether to stay on the wait list

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Consider saying “no.”

Being offered a spot on a college’s wait list is stressful, unsettling and demoralizing, and for some it's just not worth the wait.

One student who said “no thanks” to Harvard’s wait list described it this way: “I didn’t like being wait-listed. It felt like a consolation prize. Why would they wait-list...Read more

Countdown to college: Letters of recommendation can be the tipping factor

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College applications don’t open until this summer or early fall, so why are we talking about letters of recommendation in May?

The reason is that now — yes, in May — is the time to begin asking teachers if they’ll be able to write your letter. I’ve heard too many stories of top-notch students who wait until the fall to ask their ...Read more



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