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Countdown to college: What is a LOCI and how can you use it to your advantage?

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If you applied Early Decision or Early Action, you may have received notification that you’ve been deferred. It’s the purgatory of the college admissions process. You definitely weren’t accepted and yet you definitely weren’t rejected.

Is there anything you can do if you’re deferred or, later on in the application season, wait-listed...Read more

Countdown to College: Some basics about paying for college

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If you're the parent of a high school senior and you're thinking about how to pay for college without going broke, it's a whole new, expensive world. "Paying for College Without Going Broke" is a bestseller from Princeton Review that can teach you a lot.

From my perspective, there are two kinds of money: "great money," or...Read more

Countdown to college: Say goodbye to 2020 in the best way possible

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Yes, we’re all excited to flip the page on 2020. It obviously wasn’t a good year for our country or our planet. As we look forward to what will surely be a healthier year, this is also a good time to regroup and reflect.

Here are a few thoughts on how each of us can approach 2021 with a better attitude.

If you’re the parent of a ...Read more

Countdown to college: The pros and cons of Early Decision II

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Notifications for Early Decision (ED 1), Early Action (EA) and Restricted Early Action (REA) have been delivered. This year, as in previous years, there were many more tears than fist bumps. It has been a staggeringly competitive year thus far, with significant increases in EA, ED and REA applications at schools across the country.

Students ...Read more

Countdown to college: What does my deferral mean?

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Being deferred is NOT the same as being rejected. It may feel that way for students, but this year, with a record number of early applications, there has also been a record number of deferrals.

A student who applies through either early action or early decision is deferred when college admissions officials determine that the student has ...Read more

Countdown to college: More terms you should know

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Last week I shared a glossary of financial aid terms (A through F) that families in the midst of applications and those approaching it should know. This week I’ll finish off the alphabet with definitions provided by a great website: www.studentaid.org.

I know this exhaustive list looks overwhelming; my suggestion is to skim the list and ...Read more

Countdown to college: Understanding how to pay for college

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You’ve made it past the early deadlines of Nov. 1 and Dec. 1. Yes, there are still the regular deadlines of Jan. 1 and Jan. 15, but the pressure is off. Now is a great time to get serious about scholarship opportunities.

Let’s start with a financial aid glossary. Below is a vocabulary primer (today is just A-F) from studentaid.gov to get...Read more

Countdown to college: Bad reasons to transfer

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Transferring has become a hot topic in the current COVID-19 world. Maybe your student is considering a transfer to a smaller private college that is closer to home and has in-person classes, or a transfer to an in-state university, where at least if the student is learning remotely, you won’t be paying the high tuition of a private school. ...Read more

Countdown to college: Good reasons to transfer

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I know we’re all tired of constantly being reminded just how different 2020 has been, but think about just HOW different it has been for college freshmen.

They visited colleges, researched a variety of schools, made their final lists and wrote their essays on why they wanted to attend each school. They jumped for joy when the acceptances ...Read more

Countdown to college: What to consider if you're thinking about a gap year

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Gap years have become a hot topic of conversation. Many parents are reluctant to pay private school prices of $70,000-80,000 per year or even public university fees of $25,000-$50,000 a year to have their child upstairs in the bedroom on a screen all day long. COVID-19 has impacted so much, but for many families it has really refocused the ...Read more

Countdown to college: Don't make these application mistakes

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Nov. 1 is an important college application deadline, and the stress in many homes with high school seniors is almost palpable.

Here are some tips to make the last part of the application process run a little more smoothly:


Nov. 1 is the most common deadline for colleges and universities that offer Early Decision (...Read more