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Do It Yourself or Not: Paint and glaze paneling

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Old dark paneling can be renewed with a facelift that’s a lot easier than tearing out the paneling and installing new wallboard, woodwork and trim. Don’t remove the paneling; refresh it with a faster and more affordable transformation, using paint and glaze to create a colorful alternative. The project involves several processes, including cleaning, sanding, priming, painting and glazing the paneling; all skills a handy homeowner can master.

A painting contractor will charge $459, which includes labor and material, to do the job in a small 10-by-12-foot paneled room. The cost of the material is low compared to the time involved. You can buy the materials — sandpaper, primer, paint, glaze, mineral spirits, brushes, a roller, a pan and sponges — for $125 and do it yourself, saving about 73%. It’s time intensive, but well worth the effort. You'll also need dropcloths, masking aids and a power sander.

Prepare the paneling by washing the entire surface; when dry, use a power sander to smooth the surface. Wipe down the surface with mineral spirits to remove any grit left by the sandpaper before priming, painting and glazing. Use painter’s masking tape to protect surfaces near the paneling and remove it after the paint and glaze has dried.

When planning the job consider the time required between phases to allow for the drying time. Empty the room of furnishings or move things to the center of the room so you have easy access to the paneling. You’ll need heavy drop cloths to protect the floor and open windows for ventilation.

Pro Cost: $459 — DIY Cost: $125
Pro time: 7.2 — DIY Time: 11.0
DIY Savings: $334 — Percent Saved: 73%



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