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Do It Yourself or Not: Install a Roman shade

By Gene and Katie Hamilton, Tribune Content Agency on

A Roman shade is a two-for window treatment that combines a built-in valance with a convenient operating mechanism that allows the shade to easily open for daylight and close for privacy. The shade's stand-alone style makes it a handsome addition to any room, especially in a finished, tailored decor.

You'll find Roman shades in a wide range of materials, including fabric, natural woven materials and wood. Other options are light-filtering and room-darkening features, insulation, and cordless lift systems with top down/bottom up operation -- a nice safety feature when little ones are in the house.

The shade comes with the hardware and mounting brackets required, but you'll need a few basic tools: a tape measure, a Phillips head screwdriver and an electric drill. The installation requires attaching the brackets to the window frame or wall, then positioning the shade on the brackets, and finally adjusting the shade and cord positions on the tape on the back of the shade.

A decorating center or window treatment installer will charge $308 to hang a 36-inch-wide Roman shade of a high-end material. You can buy the shade and install it yourself for $100, the cost of the shade, install it and save 68%.


Pro Cost: $308 -- DIY Cost: $100
Pro time: 2.2 -- DIY Time: 3.0
DIY Savings: $208 -- Percent Saved: 68%


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