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The Best Way To Sell a Home in Mint Condition

Richard Montgomery on


-- A home seller and buyer working together have a common goal: a successful transaction.

-- Two parties are communicating instead of four, resulting in fewer misunderstandings.

-- You have eliminated the real estate agent's major conflict of interest.

-- If you spent 10 to 12 hours handling these small tasks, you would earn between $1,500 and $3,900 per hour for your efforts.


-- I believe about 10% of U.S. homes sold last year were sold directly by the owner.

Richard Montgomery is a syndicated columnist, published author, retired real estate executive, serial entrepreneur, and the founder of DearMonty.com and PropBox, Inc. He provides consumers with options to real estate issues. Follow him on Twitter(X) @dearmonty or DearMonty.com.]


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