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The Best Way To Sell a Home in Mint Condition

Richard Montgomery on

Dear Monty: We will be selling our home soon. Our house was brand-new when we bought it. It is 25 years old and in like-new condition. In the past five years, we have updated the bathrooms and the roof, and last year, we updated all the flooring, installed new cupboards and appliances and painted the entire interior and exterior trim. The exterior is all brick. The neighborhood is very desirable, and homes are sold quickly. Based on the few similar homes sold on our block in the past year, it will sell for between $600K and $650K. We know sellers' and agents' typical approach to marketing homes. But do you have any specific strategies to improve our chances of a sale and our net proceeds?

Monty's Answer: The best strategy is to make your home easy to buy. Remove every concern a buyer may have before they decide. This strategy removes the anxiety and stress of selling or buying a home.

No. 1: Invest in a virtual tour. Then, potential buyers have seen the house before making an appointment. It saves you time getting ready for a showing only to learn your interior doesn't fit the prospect.

No. 2: Invest in a presale home inspection.

a. Discover and repair unknown defects now. Most buyers are very concerned about condition surprises.

b. Make sure the home inspector is trained and independent.


c. Show prospects your home is defect-free. Build the buyer's trust and make your home easier to buy.

No. 3: Furnish a detailed seller condition report (RECR) when they look at the house.

a. Your state law likely requires one.

b. Google "sample real estate seller condition report."


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