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Preparing for Real Estate Photos

Richard Montgomery on

Dear Monty: We are planning on selling our home soon. We want to hire a professional photographer to create a virtual presentation. Do you have any tips for preparing a home for the photographer?

Monty's Answer: A widely accepted theory is that using professional photographers specializing in home sales is the best way to increase showings. Additionally, the more photographs, the better, so 40 photos are better than 20. Content on your home advertisement sends a subtle message, and pictures of the interior and exterior have become standard with the internet. Pick a bright, sunny day for the shoot. Prospects rely on images to select properties to visit. The number of photos depends on your home's size and the features a prospect will be interested in viewing.


Homes that are clean and up to date are always the first choice. Pride of ownership tells the prospect they can move right in. None of these tips require large expenditures -- just some time and elbow grease.

1. Turn on all lights -- closets, basement and garage. If you find a bulb out, replace it.

2. Turn off all electronics -- no TV, radio or other distractions.


3. Make the beds -- if the sheets that show are wrinkled, consider ironing the exposed part.

4. Adjust towels and curtains -- fresh towels are the best. Open all the blinds and curtains.

5. Put personal photos and political and religious items away. You publish these photos.

6. Dust and wipe everything. Wash windows inside and out.


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