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Enrolling in Medicare when laid off


Hello Toni:

My husband, Steven, has been laid off from a company he worked with for over 20 years. His employer is downsizing due to changes in the economy and May 31 will be his last day.

Steve is 68, enrolled in Medicare Part A but never enrolled in Medicare B because he had employer benefits. He is stressed, wondering how to apply for Medicare Part B properly to avoid receiving a penalty. I am turning 65 in September and also will need to enroll in Medicare.

Please explain what our Medicare enrollment options are since we are different ages and have different enrollment situations. Thanks, Toni.

--Patti from Midland, Texas

Great question, Patti:


There are 2 different rules regarding enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B in your household and I will keep how to enroll in Medicare for both you and Steve SIMPLE!

Below are Medicare Enrollment Rules:

1. Past 65, leaving employer benefits and the simple way to enroll in Medicare Part B:

-- Steve needs to apply for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) by downloading the forms CMS-L564 (Request for Employment Information) and CMS- 40B (Application for Enrollment in Medicare - Part B) from, or email and the Toni Says Medicare team will email you the forms. Have Steve’s human resources department sign off on the CMS-L564 form and attach it to CMS- 40B. Under item 9 (Remarks) on the CMS-40B, write what month Part B should begin. (Steve’s start is June 1, 2024.) File both forms with the local Social Security office. Advise the SS representative that Steve is losing his company benefits and needs his Medicare Part B to begin June 1 since his last day of employment is May 31. (Make copies of every document given and received from the SS office.)


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