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How to avoid the Medicare Part D Penalty


Once you are past 65 and leaving creditable employer’s group coverage with a prescription drug plan, Medicare gives you only 63 days, not 90 days, not 8 months, but less than 63 days to enroll in Medicare Part D or a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage.

Your Late Enrollment Period (LEP) did not begin from the day you left your company health plan, nor from your Medicare Part B start date. It began from the month your Medicare Part A began.

The LEP for Medicare Part D can be charged to you because:

1. You waited past 63 days without creditable prescription drug coverage upon leaving company benefits and you are older than 65 years and 90 days. Readers: Do not wait past 63 days to get Medicare Part D upon leaving company health insurance! (Samuel, this is your situation.)

2. Your company prescription drug benefits (not health insurance) were not “creditable” as Medicare declares.

3. You never enrolled in Medicare Part D at the time you enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B when you turned 65, and now want to enroll.


Samuel, you were denied Medicare Part D prescription coverage because you met Medicare’s LEP and will receive the Part D penalty when you enroll during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment period -- a penalty which lasts a lifetime.

Americans retiring after 65 who are leaving their employer’s health plans and applying for Medicare Parts A and B must also prove they have “creditable coverage” when applying for a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. This is a Medicare rule. Don’t delay your Part D enrollment.

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