Michigan COVID-19 survivor says vision of the Blessed Solanus Casey saved his life

Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press on

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Foley explained that in cases like these, the Catholic Church works with independent medical experts to determine whether there could be a medical explanation for healing that has occurred.

Although Foley said he can't usually speak about individual cases or investigations, he said Ostrowski has publicly said that his circumstances don't qualify as a miracle by the Vatican's standards.

"Physicians looked at the case and said that there was a medical explanation" for Ostrowski's recovery, Foley said. "He has actually said that publicly. ... Otherwise, I would not be able to tell you that."

What happened to Ostrowski, he said, will be included in a file being used to build a case for Casey's canonization.

Casey's supporters have been hoping for a second official miracle, which in most circumstances is when a beatified person can be elevated to sainthood.

"The pope has the prerogative about dispensing with a second miracle if he chooses," Foley said. "But the ordinary process is that you have one miracle recognized by Rome for the beatification and then ... we need a second miracle that occurred after the date."

The pope, however, has granted sainthood to martyrs who had never performed any miracles at all, Foley said.


Even if what happened to Ostrowski isn't recognized as a miracle by the church, it's miraculous to him.

"It was divine intervention," Ostrowski said. "And I believe that as much of a miracle as it was that he presented himself to me and, and touched me, that was only one part of the story. I think, from the beginning of this all the way through to the end of it, there was intervention."

Ostrowski took his wife and his children to the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit recently, which further solidified his commitment to seeing Casey canonized, to spreading the word of his healing and to raising his children in the faith.

"My children kneeled down at his grave and prayed, and I thought ... if there's any reason for him to have given me this chance, this was it.

"I was overwhelmed with ... how special that moment was."


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