Michigan COVID-19 survivor says vision of the Blessed Solanus Casey saved his life

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"My mother went and lit a candle and prayed to him for me at her home church in Royal Oak," Ostrowski said. "My father-in-law ... went to his church and did the same thing."

The next day, Ostrowski said he told his wife what he'd seen. And he learned that his loved ones were asking Casey to intercede.

"I didn't know that he was who he was," Ostrowski said.

The next night, Ostrowski woke yet again to feel the darkness surrounding him. But this time, he said, he could see the man in the brown robe more clearly. The man he believes was Casey was sitting in a chair at the foot of his bed.

"I could see who he was. It was pretty startling at the time," Ostrowski said. "He looked very plain. ... He didn't look like a ghost or anything like that. The most startling thing to me was how still he was."

The man was statuelike, he said. Ostrowski prayed for his healing, but it wasn't until he made a bargain that the man in the brown robe moved.


"I said, 'I'll make you a deal. If you get me out of this, if you save me, I'll never use God's name in vain again.' And it was like he had won the lotto, is the best way I can explain it, because he just became overjoyed," Ostrowski said.

"He jumped up. And then he came running around the bed. ... It was like he was floating. ... I lifted my arm a little bit and he touched me under my arm and touched me at the bottom of my rib cage with his finger. ... Then he just stepped back. I felt this very calm and comfortable feeling come over me, where I felt confident that I was going to be OK."

Dr. Karen Kent VanGorder, Sparrow's chief medical and quality officer, said it's the first time a patient has reported seeing a vision of Casey at the hospital.

"We actively participate in spiritual healing for our patients and offer them many resources. We are delighted the patient made a full recovery," she said. "Sparrow as an entity and I as CMO would never discount spirituality in healing. I as a doctor have seen spiritual health play a factor in patients recovering or not recovering."


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