Pastor puzzles siblings during pandemic with daily riddle

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He’ll say “riddle me this” and recite the puzzle, which he usually finds on the Internet. Then, it’s off to the races.

Guesses are sent in video messages, too, so the siblings are able to feed off each other throughout the morning to determine the answer — if Mayfield doesn’t get it first. And it's scout's honor to not go searching Google for the solution (or at least divulge it if everyone's stumped and you need a little help).

For the morning riddle on March 29, Mayfield said that Whittaker — her biggest competition — almost solved it by guessing "your imagination."

“Eric said, ‘That’s close,’” said Mayfield, 61, who also lives in Huron. “Sometimes he gives it away.”

Mayfield is actually the one who started the daily riddle contest. One day her mother, who lives with her, received a sheet of riddles with her Meals on Wheels food, and Mayfield forwarded one to the group's chat. Then, she got busy at work and couldn't continue to pose the daily puzzles, so her big brother stepped up to become the riddle master.

Now, the family is nearly 300 riddles into its game.


“It kind of came out of the blue, but it’s been something that keeps us from getting bored and enables us to keep in touch during the pandemic while some of us are getting cabin fever,” Brown said.

The tight-knit siblings typically see each other regularly, but visits have been few and far between over the past year. So they look forward to each morning between 9:30 and 10 a.m. when big brother tries to stump them with questions such as:

What water can you eat and chew? (a watermelon)

What kind of tables do not have legs? (periodic or multiplication tables)


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