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Spiritual Life: Keep tacking in headwinds of distress

Timothy J. Ledbetter, Tri-City Herald on

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When families regoal, they take the support and energy they have devoted to keeping their child alive and redirect it to letting the child go peacefully." ("Making Hope Happen," 2013, p. 186).

Regoal, reinvest, redirect -- these are as necessary to living in the face of life's headwinds as tacking is to sailing.

The spirit-winds always are bringing changes, opportunities, challenges, and even threats to overturn our homemade crafts. Try as we might, even with all of our might, we cannot sail straight into the winds of suffering and dying and death.

We have to tack. We have to regoal and reinvest and redirect. We have to "let go of some of our dreams in order to make our best possible future" (Lopez).

In the face of the headwinds of distress, let us keep on tacking, for this is how we survive and thrive as beloved, believing, hopeful people.

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Timothy J. Ledbetter, DMin, BCC serves as a Board Certified Chaplain helping persons in crisis effectively cope and find their hope in hospital and hospice settings and is a Tri-City Herald Spiritual Life contributor. He is married and delights in their children and grandchildren. He also enjoys camping and boating. email:

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