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When your faith is bigger than your fear, miracles happen

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For three years, Becky Davis made plans to leave her corporate job at an optical retailer, but each time her exit date arrived, she struggled to take the leap.

Next year, she'd tell herself.

Then as 2011 faded into the new year, Davis found herself flat on her back in a hospital. Days after undergoing surgery to remove fibroid tumors, she started to feel excruciating pain and nausea. It was so bad she fainted.

In the hospital emergency room that December day, doctors discovered she had been hemorrhaging from an ovary that hadn't been closed all the way.

"Once I realized I was still here, I started to cry," she recalled recently.

Davis realized she had been letting her fear get in the way of her faith in God, the one she believed birthed the idea for her business MVPWork in the first place.

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Some of you might know how that is. Even if you believe fear has no place in faith, it can be pretty scary parting ways with what we believe is a sure paycheck for one that we think may or may not come.

Davis, a mother of four adult children, had grown up in the church. Even after leaving home to attend college, she always found a place to worship.

When she decided to marry during her last semester there, that changed, she said.

"He didn't go to church, so I didn't go," Davis said.


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