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Sticky Winged Heather

By Marc Gellman

When God made the world God made some rats and the angels said, "Who cares. They’ll be good food for cats."

But when God said, "Rats are not the total plan. Tomorrow I'm gonna make a man." The angels screamed out, "God, what are you, nuts? That man is gonna be a yutz! He will mess up the world. You can't allow it. He will cut down a forest just to plow it.

In heaven there was an angel named Sticky Wing Heather who got her name by playing poker and hiding aces in her feathers. Heather said, “How about we play a game before you do something really lame. If you win you can make a man just as soon as you can." But if you lose and I prevail, then you can only make another animal with a bushy tail."

God said to Heather, "OK, Heather we have a deal, now shuffle the cards or spin the wheel."


Heather came back that afternoon holding a little top to spin with Hebrew letters along the rim. “You know my Lord in Yiddish a little girl is called a maidel and a little bird is called a feigel. Well, this little top is called a dreidel. All you do is let it spin and, of course, I'll tell you if you win."

The dreidel spun and spun and spun and spun, and landed on the letter nun.

Heather cheered and said, "Nun is the first letter of the Hebrew word nachash, which means snake, which is just like the people you intend to make. Like a snake they will be awfully sneaky, believe me, people will be extremely creepy."

God said, "Not so fast, Heather, you should know better. Snake is not the only word that begins with that letter. Nun also begins the word nehama, which means kindness, unless you are suffering angelic blindness. My people can be kind and good, acting the way I know they should.


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