Meditation 1/2 - 1/8: The mercy of the LORD - Ps 103:17-22 NLT


Published in Bible Verses

The Lord's love is with those who fear Him

But the love of the Lord remains forever
with those who fear him.
His salvation extends to the children's children
of those who are faithful to his covenant,
of those who obey his commandments!

The Lord has made the heavens his throne;
from there he rules over everything.

Praise the Lord, you angels,
you mighty ones who carry out his plans,
listening for each of his commands.


Yes, praise the Lord, you armies of angels
who serve him and do his will!
Praise the Lord, everything he has created,
everything in all his kingdom.

Let all that I am praise the Lord.

Psalm 103:17-22 NLT



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