Positive Aging: The Importance of Hobbies

Marilyn Murray Willison on

A report from South Africa's Helderberg Society for the Aged recently caught my attention because it focused on the importance of hobbies. It listed 10 benefits of hobbies. Having one does the following:

1) Makes you more interesting because of experiences or knowledge that can be shared with others.

2) Helps relieve stress because it takes your mind off of other issues.

3) Contributes to you becoming more patient due to the learning curve.

4) Improves your social life by helping connect with others.

5) Increases confidence and self-esteem.


6) Reduces or eliminates boredom.

7) Helps you develop and build new skills.

8) Increases your knowledge base as you develop your hobby.

9) Gives you a different perspective through exposure to new ideas.


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