Lori Borgman: I broke my own rule

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I broke my own rule and took my husband to Costco to do some heavy lifting. It was a big package trip: toilet paper, paper towels, coffee in cannisters the size of bank vaults and chicken breasts requiring a forklift.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I calmly said, "When you throw cookies into a grocery cart at Kroger, it's maybe $4. When you throw cookies into a cart at Costco, it's more like $40. That's how people rack up $500 tabs."

He looked at me with an understanding nod.

Maybe he had reformed. Maybe he was no longer an impulse-driven ("Yes! A 12-pack of croissants!") shopper ("Yes! Industrial size bags of potato chips!").

He grabs a cart, I flash my ID and we enter the store. I take 10 steps and realize he is not with me. I look over my shoulder. He is behind me, gesturing wildly, both arms flailing and yelling, "Look up! Look up!"

An enormous bright yellow 30-foot inflatable waterslide is dangling from the ceiling.


"We need this!" he shouts.

"You and I do not need a water slide," I say.

"The grandkids need it. The old waterslide is shot. This is great!"

"It's $200," I gasp.


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