The Kid Whisperer: How to get your kid to do what you ask

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Kid Whisperer walks away in order to assume both intelligence and cooperation.

Kid continues to contemplate something important with his thousand-yard stare.

Kid Whisperer (from the kitchen, while doing dishes): What should you do now?

Kid appears to become conscious. He looks at his plate and cup as if he has never seen them before.

Kid: I will take my plate and cup at the same time. I’m not a baby! I am Iron Man.


Kid clears both his cup and plate at the same time, because he is Iron Man, and puts them both in the sink.

Kid Whisperer: Thank you, Iron Man.

Of course, using these preventive and mitigative strategies will not change the laws of time and space and will not “make” Kid clear his cup and plate. They just make it more likely that he will, so that you won’t have to do as many Learning Opportunities (consequences).

Using these strategies is best for all kids and adults, even your “easy” 7-year-old. They give kids choices and healthy control, and they allow adults to avoid making demands, which no one enjoys giving or receiving.

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