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Most people get in a groove with consumption – be it alcohol or cannabis – but sometimes you want to go big Roughly 88%+ of the population get into some type of routine….morning, sleep, weekend, dressing all are part of a system mentally developed.  Another routine includes eating habits,  which can be positive or negative.  And, some people fall into a consumption routine – both with alcohol or cannabis.  California sober is upending some of the routine.  But is a long weekend a good time to try something new? Are you ready for to have stronger marijuana.

Most people get comfortable with how they feel and set their consumption based on it…but a few times a year, people want to go big. With alcohol, there is general knowledge, but with marijuana, here are some things to know if you want to up your dosage. Most strong strains are used for pain control or for a medical purposes. For fun, the average dose is 5 mg, some go up to 10 mg.  So what can you expect from 10+ mg?

Like alcohol, increasing the dosage of marijuana can have positive and some negative effects. High-potency increased the “journey”, more intense feelings, experiences and sensations. If you are new to a more intense journey, have a conversations with your bud tender so you can understand the nuances. You might also consider using a strain which has a bit of CBD in it to even out the high. Low to medium dose strains can relax you and reduce anxiety. There is a risk with strong strains of becoming anxious or a bit paranoid.

If smoking or vaping, the high tends to peak from 10-25 minutes after consumption and typically last 1 to 3 hours, though they can linger for up to 8 hours.  So don’t plan to drive or do anything serious.

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If things go off the rails a bit or you start to feel uncomfortable, don’t panic, things will work out.  There are things you can do to come down from a high…including drinking water, eat, take a shower and then take a long nap.

Have fun and enjoy and use responsibly.

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