Can Cannabis Pair Well With A Wine Dinner

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In the last 20 years, wine and wine dinners have increased in popularity….does marijuana have a place at the table? Wine has always been a perfect partner with good food.  But in the early 2000, a revolution happened in the wine world.  Two Buck Chuck appeared at Trader Joes and all the sudden, wine drinks soared. Buy putting out a $2 wine, it began democratizing wine consumption demographic. It opened the market to consumers who previously avoided wine due to lack of understanding and the cost. Wine became an easy staple to pair with carefully crafted dinners or just burgers and leftovers.  But can cannabis pair well with a wine dinner?

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Roughly 5 years after the premier of Two Buck Chuck wine, consumers had become accustomed to adding wine into the menu and wine dinners became a thing.  Restaurants, private diners and fundraisers quickly grabbed on the trend. Now, they are very common.

About 5 years after the wine dinner craze took off, marijuana began becoming legalized.  And while there are cannabis dinners, they are no where near as popular and definitely not as mainstream.  So can marijuana hit a high with the grapes?

Of course there is a spot at the table for marijuana and for good reason. Cannabis is known to improve taste responsiveness and enhance the sensory appeal of foods. Savoring the matched flavors of the event is the key, and the plant might help. But moderation of wine and weed is the key. The traditional dinner involves the delicate pairing of wine with each course throughout the party.  You can have from 3-4 courses (appetizers, salad, main, dessert) to many more courses.  To reap the benefits, you will want to try some of the wine, but a low dose of marijuana can relax you and bring out the flavors and sensations of the evening.

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The key factor is too not overly indulged in marijuana or wine. Combining alcohol and marijuana edibles results in a stronger effect because alcohol dilates the blood vessels in the digestive tract, allowing THC to be absorbed more quickly. This can affect how strong and long-lasting one’s high is, especially when using edibles. An occasional puff of a vape could get you to the right spot, stay focused and relax into the culinary delights.

Be prepared, don’t drive, and moderation are all the keys for a good evening.

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