Slovakia And Cannabis

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Despite being landlocked – it become a tourist destination for it’s beautiful outdoors – but can you chill in Slovakia? The Slovak Republic came into being in 1993 after  centuries under Russia, Austria, monarchs and more. Beautiful towns, breathtaking outdoors and affordable prices makes the country a tourist hot spot. They receive as many tourists and they have citizens, so the place is hopping. But what about Slovakia and cannabis? Well, not so breaktaking.

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Slovakia is a parliamentary democratic republic with Catholics a majority of the population. It ranks the 46th of the richest country in the world. The capital, Bratislava, is the 19th-richest region of the European Union with 90% of citizens owning their homes.  Traditionally more Euro friendly, it has lately become polarized and embracing a backward phase, which has hurt in the way of cannabis use.  The attempted assassination of the Prime Minster, whose government seems to be at least open to listening about the benefits of medical marijuana, is another set back.

Canada, the United States and some of Europe is taking a more modern approach to cannabis allowing for medical, and increasingly, full recreational.  Bringing a healthy illicit market into the legal sphere has been a boon for tax revenue and has unexpected positive effect for the population. The medical community has embraced the plant for its currently know medical benefits and are pushing for research.  But in Slovakia, marijuana is illegal and possession of even small amounts of the drug (a joint) can lead to lengthy prison terms. Having a small amount can end with the offender spending up to eight years in prison.

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The country was once joined with the Czech Republic, who allows personal possession has  since it was decriminalized in January 2010 with medical cannabis has been legal since 1 April 2013. Unlike Slovakia, which is prominently Catholic, the  Czechs are less religious and have a pragmatic and practical view of the world.

If you are visiting, you should be very careful bringing or buying anything in country.

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