The 5 Best Mom’s Love Language Gifts

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Take a fresh look at what to get Mom for Mother’s Day using her love language…and you might toss in a green treat!

Sunday is Mother’s Day – the day mom are celebrated for all the extra effort they do to make kids life special.  First celebrated in 1907, it became official in the US in 1914 and Canada in 1915.  Between the two countries, spending is expected to reach an all-time high of $35.7 billion this year.  Some of it will be enjoyed, some may not. Here are the 5 best Mom’s love language gifts (and one might be weed!).

 This love language is all about verbal acknowledgments of affection, compliments, words of appreciation and encouragement.   Words of Affirmation Try a special way to tell her you love her. Make a book (easy to do online) of special pictures of the two of you. Write her a letter about what she means to you. You can get her favorite podcast host or even reality TV star to send her a special Mother’s Day shoutout (check out Cameo and all the celebrities they have available). Or consider compiling a video from all the kids and family answer the question ‘why we love you.’  Receiving Gifts  These people enjoy receiving gifts and symbols of love. Monetary value is usually not important but more so the thought and reflection behind the gift.  


You can spoil her with luxury and a gift she would never buy herself. While gifts don’t need to be expensive, treat her to something luxurious that you know she wouldn’t want to spend the money on for herself. Think of what she loves and work around it.  Gift cards for books, music, travel, etc can show you want her to enjoy life.

Another thing, what about giving a gift which could help their sleep, mental health or manage pain.  A gummy or edible would be a perfect gift.  Maybe a CBD cream which could help with muscle soreness? Quality Time  People who enjoy this love language want someone to spend uninterrupted time with them, make plans and be fully present in their conversations during these times.  Give a gift of an all-inclusive day.  Give a Saturday which could include brunch, a walk, and more.


Gift a unique experience. Anyone can plan brunch or a wine tasting but what about surprising mom with something special. Some ideas include a picnic or colorful charcuterie board with all her favorite foods, a self-portrait session or a local food tour.   Acts of Service This love language includes doing favors or taking the burden off the person you are showing love to.  Will cook a special meal, take them a car trip, doing garden together, anything which your Mom would love to do. Touch  These people feel loved when they receive physical signs of affection, including kissing, holding hands, and cuddling, to name a few. 

Spoil her with a gift that will make her senses go crazy. While a spa day may seem obvious here and certainly fits the bill, you can also try something unique such as dance classes or something to make her feel extra cozy such as a weighted blanket, robe or new luxury sheets.   

There are many new and fun ways to spoil mom this year. Take it to the next level this time around by considering what will make them feel most loved.

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