The 8 Best Strains To Manage Missing The Eclipse

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Weather, work, crazy prices – all causing folks to watch the eclipse online or not at all – here are 8 strains to gently lift your mood into a cosmic state.

The frenzy around a total eclipse has been building. From Krispy Kreme donuts, to special glasses, to the endless playing of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, people have dived in. Conspiracy theories are skyrocketing and hotels in the path are charging exorbitant prices. But for most, it is something to hear the buzz and see it later online.  Work, weather, and other things will get in the way. An estimated 5 million people will travel to see it – but the weather in Texas doesn’t seem to care. To help you, here are the 8 best strains to manage missing the eclipse.

RELATED: Yacht Rock Pairs Perfectly With Cocktails Cap Junkie via Medizin Flower Strain Cap Junkie emerges as an ideal companion to ponder the infinite universe. Its lineage, a fusion of Alien Cookies and Kush Mints #11, promises an otherworldly experience. With buds dense and resinous, Cap Junkie exudes potency aligning with the transformative energy of an eclipse. Haha Gummies Actin’ up Acia and Wild Watermelon

People are excited for the eclipse.  Actin’ up Acia and Wild Watermelon by HAHA embody the free-spirited essence of this space moment. Return to the the playfulness of youth with this when science was enticing and sweets were truly a treat.  These can help you grab a moment and squeeze every bit of joy. Medizin Face On Fire #9: Ignite Your Senses As the moon and sun do their celestial dance, ignite your senses with Face On Fire #9. Feel the uplifting euphoria wash over you, heightening your perception of the cosmic spectacle. This highly sought-after strain gradually guides you into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonder of the eclipse.


RELATED: The Most Popular Marijuana Flavors Medizin OG Kush: Deepen Your Cosmic Connection Experience a profound sense of tranquility as you deepen your connection to the celestial dance above. With each inhalation, OG Kush enhances your awareness, enabling you to appreciate the cosmic as you stare at the night sky. Dreamland Cereal Milk Bar with Fruit-Flavored Bits: Morning Delight Savor the days around the eclipse day by melting down Dreamland’s Cereal Milk Bar with Fruit-Flavored Bits into your morning coffee. Feel the sweet and fruity flavors infuse your brew, creating a delightful treat to savor as you reflect on the mean of life and the connection of the earth, moon and you. Dreamland Peanut Butter Cubes: Quick and Indulgent Snack The convenience of Dreamland’s Peanut Butter Cubes as a quick snack while you muse over the mean of light and darkness. Each creamy, peanut butter-filled cube provides a satisfying burst of flavor and energy, perfect for keeping you fueled and focused. Galaxy Grape HaHa Soda: Beam me up scotty! This HaHa soda is ready to uplift and blast off with classic grape soda flavor infused with 10mg of THC.

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