Does A Low Dosage Of Marijuana Help The Libido

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Nothing is more fun than “fun”…and marijuana maybe able to help

Cannabis is known for relaxing, chilling, and making life more pleasurable – in the right amounts. Data results indicated both men and women perceived cannabis use increased their sexual functioning and satisfaction, particularly increased desire and orgasm intensity. The modern medical community recognizes the importance of libido as one of the key indicators of general health and quality of life, and if a little weed could help….

“Several studies have evaluated the effects of marijuana on libido, and it seems changes in desire may be dose dependent,” explain the authors of the review. “Studies support lower doses improve desire but higher doses either lower desire or do not affect desire at all.”

The review surveyed 20 different studies published between 1970 and 2019. “We used the following search terms: ‘cannabinoids,’ ‘endocannabinoids,’ ‘marijuana,’ ‘cannabis,’ and ‘female sexual function’ or ‘sexual function’,” explain the authors.

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The studies analyzed include 8 researches with animal subjects and 12 with human participants. The animal trials found THC had an effect on female hamsters’ libidos. When they consumed THC, they were more likely to mate. The review also found female hamsters who’d ingested too much THC weren’t as receptive to sex as those who’d consumed lower doses.


As to human studies, we’re still lacking researches conducted with human subjects, so most answers were obtained from questionnaires. Overall, women were more likely to report arousal when consuming marijuana. A study from 1974 revealed 57.8 percent of female college students had higher sex drives due to cannabis. Only 39.9 of male participants reported the same. Another study said women who consume cannabis before having sex were more likely to have pleasurable orgasms when compared to women who didn’t.

While marijuana’s exact role on sex remains unknown, reviews like this are important, re-contextualizing the information we have and guiding researchers for future studies. More and more data suggests cannabis’ impact on sex is positive, especially when it comes to women.

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