Goofy sued for negligence, inflicting trauma, in Disneyland collision

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But even as other issues swirl, injuries at Disney theme parks, the company's bread and butter, have continued to make headlines.

In October, Emma McGuinness sued Walt Disney World, claiming she had suffered a nightmarish "wedgie" on the park's Humunga Kowabunga water slide.

Online marketing for the slide promises the "ride of your life" and that "you won't know what's coming as you zoom 214 feet downhill in the dark and spray your way to a surprise ending!"

McGuinness' surprise was severe and permanent bodily injury, according to her lawsuit.

Specifically, when she neared the pool at the bottom of the giant drop, her legs came uncrossed, allowing clothes and water to be "violently forced inside her" by the impact.


She went to the hospital with severe vaginal lacerations and her bowel protruding through her abdominal wall, among other internal injuries, the suit claimed.

Griffin, the woman who said she was bowled over by Goofy at Disneyland, did not provide details of her physical injuries in her lawsuit.

She is asking Disney to pay for her medical bills and lost earnings and to compensate her for the physical, mental and emotional pain she says she suffered.

Neither Griffin nor her attorney could be reached for comment on Friday.

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