WATCH: Bear caught on camera trying to break into parked police car


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(UPI) The Florida Highway Patrol posted security camera footage showing a hungry bear attempting to break into a parked patrol car.

The FHP's Troop F, based in the southwest part of the state, posted a video to Instagram showing the furry suspect who is "wanted" for attempted burglary of [an] FHP state trooper car.

The footage shows the bear, apparently on the hunt for snacks, approach the parked vehicle and attempt to use its mouth and paws to work the door handle.


The attempted break-in by the bear, nicknamed "Teddy" by the FHP, was ultimately unsuccessful, as the doors of the car were locked at the time.

Florida wildlife officials recommend keeping car doors locked while parked and keeping vehicles free of any food or trash that could attract the animals, as bruins have been caught on camera in the past opening unlocked vehicle doors in the search for snacks.

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