Messages in a bottle wash up on Cayman Islands beach


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(UPI) A man out walking on a Cayman Islands beach made a surprising discovery: a glass bottle filled with handwritten messages.

Brian Phelps said he was walking along the coast when he spotted the bottle filled with handwritten messages on colorful paper.

Phelps said he decided not to open the bottle, but the messages appear to be notes from family members to a deceased loved one.

"Due to the contents appearing personal, I am going to put the bottle back out to sea next time I'm offshore. From the little I can see, the bottle contains three-to-four letters from family members dated 2021 to a lost member of the family," Phelps told the Cayman Compass.


A woman cleaning up trash on the shore of the Tay Estuary in Angus, Scotland, recently found a message in a bottle that had traveled about 6 miles in 40 years.

Jenny Smith said the messages were written by three local students, and she was able to contact them on social media.

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