WATCH: Welsh man breaks world record with 69 rabbit tattoos


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(UPI) A Welshman showed his love for his favorite animal by getting a record-breaking 69 different tattoos of rabbits on his body.

Craig Evans, 42, said he got his first rabbit tattoo in 2009, and he now has a total 69 rabbits inked on his arms, legs and chest.

"I love the aesthetic of a rabbit," Evans told Guinness World Records. They're such cute creatures, and the juxtaposition of getting something so cute as a tattoo, which is usually renowned for being a tough person's thing, is something I really like.

Evans said he is currently unable to have a pet rabbit.


"Unfortunately, I don't have any pet rabbits as I have a terrier called Bertie. I don't think that would be a good pairing, but I love him very much," he said.

Evans said Bertie is the subject of his only non-rabbit tattoo, but even that tattoo shows the canine wearing a bunny bandanna to "keep the theme running."

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