WATCH: Black bear attacks Christmas decoration in Florida


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(UPI) A black bear in Florida played Grinch to a Longwood family by attacking a life-sized reindeer decoration and dragging it from the yard.

EJ Levin said his family was preparing for dinner when his wife alerted him to the spectacle unfolding outside.

"I didn't even see it. It wasn't until my wife called and said, 'Did you see what happened?'" Levin told WSVN-TV.

The family's security cameras recorded as the bear wandered up to the light-up reindeer.

"It's like they're all there, next thing you know, the camera turns on, the bear comes in and paws it down," Levin said.


The bear knocks over two of the deer decorations and drags one out of view of the camera, but Levin said it was later found at the end of the home's driveway, with just slight damage from its encounter with the bear.

Levin said the bear's visit has already become a classic Christmas memory for his family.

"The kids love it! As soon as I showed them, they were like, 'Oh my god! It's so great! They just go crazy with it,'" he said.

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