Bathroom humor: 5 surprising stories from the toilet


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(UPI) The bathroom is supposed to be a safe space, but there have been several surprising discoveries made in and around the toilet recently.

Here is a recap of five of them.

Trapped in the toilet

A woman's visit to Michigan's Dixon Lake went to pot recently when she followed her dropped Apple Watch into an outhouse tank and became trapped inside.

Michigan State Police responded alongside Department of Natural Resources personnel and Otsego County EMS when witnesses heard a woman calling for help from inside the outdoor toilet.

The woman told police she crawled into the commode's smelly storage system to retrieve her dropped Apple Watch and found she was unable to climb back out.

Rescuers removed the toilet and used a strap to hoist the woman -- and her retrieved watch -- out of the putrid pit.

The MSP raised a stink about the incident on social media, writing: "If you lose an item in an outhouse toilet, do not attempt to venture inside the containment area. Serious injury may occur."

Lizard surprise

There was another toilet misadventure in Hollywood, Fla., -- this time of the lizard variety.

Crystal Collins said she and her husband had to call a friend for backup when they discovered an iguana lurking inside the toilet in their guest bathroom.

Collins said the large lizard in the toilet bowl initially appeared to be dead, but it proved to be very much alive when their friend reached in with a garbage bag.

The green privy pest was released outside the home.

Collins said her initial reaction was to joke about burning the house down, while her husband let out a series of sounds that she described as "very manly."

She explained: "Neither of us do lizards."

Snakes on the toilet


In another case of cold-blooded commode commandeering, a Tucson, Ariz., woman went into her bathroom and lifted the toilet lid to discover a black and pink coachwhip snake looking back at her.

Michelle Lespron contacted reptile removal service Rattlesnake Solutions and a trapper named Nicholaus ended up making three visits to her home in two days.

The reptile wrangler was finally able to grab the slippery snake as it attempted to flee down the drain.

Coachwhips are not venomous, but are known to get aggressive when handled by humans.

Rattlesnake Solutions said snakes have been found in local toilets before, but it is "among the rarest of situations we are called to handle."

Curious canine

The Woodlands fire department in Texas was called to a home where a small dog went exploring in the bathroom and ended up wedged behind the toilet.

The department said firefighters ended up having to remove sheetrock from the wall to bring the lavatory retriever, named Tippy, back to his owners.

Firefighters said there were no injuries from Tippy's toilet trial.

I doo

A public works crew in Chino Hills, Calif., found an engagement ring that had been flushed down the toilet by its owner's young son 14 months earlier.

Jana Glass said her 5-year-old son flushed the ring in March 2022, and despite the best efforts of her now-husband, John, a pair of plumbers and public works employees, the ring was not recovered.

Fourteen months later, a Chino Hills Public Works crew was performing sewer maintenance in the neighborhood when workers spotted something shiny among the sewage -- a literal diamond in the rough.

Crew members recalled hearing the tale of the couple's lost ring and returned it to the family after a thorough cleaning.

John Glass said the family can laugh about it now, and he looks forward to telling the story of the flushed ring someday at his stepson's wedding.

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