Bathroom humor: 5 surprising stories from the toilet


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Crystal Collins said she and her husband had to call a friend for backup when they discovered an iguana lurking inside the toilet in their guest bathroom.

Collins said the large lizard in the toilet bowl initially appeared to be dead, but it proved to be very much alive when their friend reached in with a garbage bag.

The green privy pest was released outside the home.

Collins said her initial reaction was to joke about burning the house down, while her husband let out a series of sounds that she described as "very manly."

She explained: "Neither of us do lizards."

Snakes on the toilet


In another case of cold-blooded commode commandeering, a Tucson, Ariz., woman went into her bathroom and lifted the toilet lid to discover a black and pink coachwhip snake looking back at her.

Michelle Lespron contacted reptile removal service Rattlesnake Solutions and a trapper named Nicholaus ended up making three visits to her home in two days.

The reptile wrangler was finally able to grab the slippery snake as it attempted to flee down the drain.

Coachwhips are not venomous, but are known to get aggressive when handled by humans.


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