WATCH: Odd Turkey Day: Five times Thanksgiving dinner made the headlines


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(UPI) Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and for many families in the United States, this means heaping servings of turkey and an array of side-dishes.

The Thanksgiving table is not the only place you can find foods such as turkey, potatoes, macaroni, sweet potatoes and vegetables, though -- they also appear in the Odd News headlines.

In celebration of this day of thanks, and the traditional meals it brings, here are five times Thanksgiving foods never quite made it to the plate.

Aggressive turkey causes chaos in Minnesota neighborhood

Residents of a Coon Rapids, Minn., mobile home park complained earlier this year that they were being terrorized by an unwelcome neighbor: a wild turkey.

Neighbors said a flock of turkeys spent time in the area in November 2021, but one of the birds stayed behind when his cohorts moved on and has since been attacking cars, damaging property and chasing children.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources told residents the best thing they can do to encourage the turkey to leave is to keep trash and other potential food sources secured.

Inert WWII grenade found among potatoes at factory

Workers at a factory in the suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand, spotted something on their potato conveyor belt that definitely would have ruined a Thanksgiving reveler's mash: an inert World War II grenade.

Night shift employees at the Mr. Chips factory said 28 tons of recently-delivered russet potatoes were on the conveyor belt when a worker spotted what initially appeared to be a particularly mud-covered spud.


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