82-year-old Virginia woman is the world's oldest female hockey player


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(UPI) An 82-year-old woman is the world's oldest female hockey player, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Linda Sinrod, of Lorton, Va., was a figure skater before becoming enamored with hockey at age 35, when a friend asked her if she wanted to try the sport during a visit to a frozen pond.

Sinrod enjoyed hockey so much that she became a founding member of the first woman's hockey team in the Washington, D.C., area.

Sinrod played for 10 years and then left the team for over a decade before reconnecting with her former teammates.


"After retiring I looked up what my old teammates were doing and found one was coaching the Prince William Wildcats team, so at age 67 I decided to join them," she said.

Sinrod's teammates asked her to leave the Wildcats at age 75 because she was struggling to keep up with them. She didn't want to give up hockey, so she started playing in a women's league that would choose teams twice a year.

"I've always been the oldest person playing, so I have always even curious as to how old the oldest female oldest female hockey player, was and eventually as I got to be 80, I checked Guinness World Records to see how old the oldest was," Sinrod said.

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