Dolphins pay surprise visit to paddleboaters off California coast


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(UPI) A pair of dolphins paid a surprise visit to two paddleboaters off the California coast just seconds after one of them asked: "Wouldn't that be rad if a dolphin came over and jumped?"

Bill Clements, who posted video of the encounter to TikTok, said he and friend Justin Kezmoh were out in an inflatable paddleboat off Dana Point when he expressed his wish to see a dolphin in person.

"Wouldn't that be rad if a dolphin came over and jumped?" Clements says in the video.

Seconds later, a dolphin emerges from the water right next to the boat. The ocean mammal was soon joined by a second dolphin.


"He was listening to us," Clements remarks when the dolphins appear in the video.

"Just call me the dolphin whisperer from now on," Clements wrote in the video's description.

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