Listening to mom leads to lottery jackpot of over $1M


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(UPI) A Michigan woman found listening to her mother to be a profitable choice when it led to her winning a $1,682,998 lottery jackpot.

The 37-year-old Wayne County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she was at Flappers Cafe in Lincoln Park with her mother when her luck struck.

"I was out with my mom and playing Club Keno," the player said. My mom told me that the Fast Cash jackpot was more than $1.6 million and suggested I give that game a try.

The woman said some early luck at the Lucky 7s Fast Cash game led her to try again.


"I bought a couple tickets and won a few bucks and decided to buy one more with my winnings. That was when I won the jackpot. I was so excited; I really wasn't sure how to react," she said. I called the bar owner over and told him I had won and asked him to scan the ticket for me. He confirmed that I had won, and I just couldn't believe what was happening.

The ticket was a $1,682,998 jackpot winner.

The winner said the prize money will allow her to buy a new house, pay off student loans and take her son on a trip to Disney World. The rest will go into savings, she said.

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