Man finds nearly 50-year-old message between two walls of his home


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(UPI) An Australian man renovating his home found a message in a bottle concealed between two walls, and was able to find one of the construction workers who wrote the note nearly 50 years earlier.

Matt Streatfeild, of Newcastle, New South Wales, said a glass milk bottle was found between two walls in his home during a recent renovation project, and inside was a note signed by four construction workers who built the walls decades earlier.

The note, dated April 5, 1974, lists the workers who completed the project and explains the project was among their first after converting to the metric system.

"You always hear the legend of messages in a bottle, but you never think you'll find one in between two walls in your own house," Streatfeild told NBN News.

Streatfeild posted photos of the note to Facebook, and was later able to get into contact with Ron Niddrie, one of the workers who authored the message.


"One of these little mementos has paid off," Middrie said. The fact that it was 47 years ago was even more of a shock.

Streatfeild said he plans to return the bottle to its former home when the renovation project is completed, along with a message in a bottle of his own.

He said he is planning to include a "little face mask from 2021 and a bit of a description of how life's been for the last couple of years."

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