Kansas Lottery player wins Keno jackpot while celebrating birthday


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(UPI) A Kansas Lottery player celebrating their birthday ended up with even more reason to celebrate when they scored a $124,600 Keno jackpot.

The Cherokee County resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Kansas Lottery officials they were out celebrating their birthday at VFW 1372 in Columbus when they decided to play a few rounds of Keno.

"Usually I play birthday and anniversary numbers or the four corners, which has given me some good wins in the past," the winner said. But this time I had been playing for a bit that day and decided to grab some Quick Pick numbers on my way out, and I'm so glad I did!

The player checked their tickets later in the evening and discovered they had won $124,600 -- a sum lottery officials said was on of the largest Keno jackpots in the state's history.


"I kept double checking the numbers to make sure I was seeing it right. Sure enough, I calculated I had won around $120,000! I even called the Lottery ahead of time to tell me exactly how much it was," the winner recalled.

The winner said they plan to use some of the money to take their friends out to lunch, but hasn't made plans for the rest of the windfall.

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