Teen solves Rubik's cube while on pogo stick for Guinness record


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(UPI) A Colorado teenager combined two of his seemingly disparate hobbies, pogo sticks and Rubik's cubes, to make his way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Evan Blecher, 14, of Boulder, said he was leafing through the 2020 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records when he discovered there was an entry for fastest time solving a Rubik's cube on a pogo stick -- and the record seemed within reach.

"I went downstairs, got my pogo stick and beat it on my second attempt," Blecher told the Boulder Daily Camera.

The teenager said it was three more months until his official attempt. He and his father, Herb Blecher, requested an application from Guinness, and found there was a 30-page guidebook listing all the requirements.

Guinness required there to be witnesses and video evidence, as well as stipulating that a new cube be used for every attempt.


"Some 30% of the applications are actually rejected because they don't provide sufficient evidence, so we were getting kind of nervous about getting everything," Herb Blecher said.

The previous record, which stood at 22.89 seconds when Blecher first became interested, had become 18.642 by the time he was ready for his official attempt.

The teenager finished with a time of 16.710 seconds, enough to take possession of the record.

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