Man fights off deadly snake while driving on highway


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(UPI) Police in Australia said a driver pulled over for speeding on the highway gave officers a good excuse -- he was fighting off one of the world's deadliest snakes.

The Queensland Police Service said the driver, identified only as Jimmy, 27, was pulled over on the Dawson Highway, west of Calliope, when an officer clocked him going 76 mph in a 62 mph zone.

Jimmy told the officer he had been driving on the highway when he suddenly spotted an eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous species in the world, slithering by his legs.

"It just started to wrap around me. Its head just started striking at the [driver's seat] chair, between my legs," Jimmy told police.


He told the officer he used a knife to kill the snake, which he was able to show the officer.

Jimmy feared he had been bitten by the snake, but paramedics determined the serpent had not successfully broken his skin. The driver was treated for shock.

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