Big screen TV fished out of Houston storm drain


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(UPI) Officials in Houston are asking neighbors to check inside their storm drains after a big screen TV was found clogging one such drain in the city.

A resident of the Greensbrook Place neighborhood said the TV had been in the storm drain for some time before it was removed by a Harris County Precinct One crew.

Neighbors said the TV was the largest object they had ever seen in a storm drain.

"I mean, clothes, backpack, bags, whatever, but I've never seen anything as big as a TV in a storm drain," resident Maureen Howard told KTRK-TV.

Witnesses said the TV appeared to be a 40-inch flat screen.


County Commissioner Rodney Ellis urged residents to ensure their storm drains, are free of large debris that could cause clogs during flooding incidents.

Officials said they don't know whether the TV was intentionally dumped in the drain or if it could have ended up there accidentally from a post-Hurricane Harvey debris pile.

The TV wasn't the only unusual object recently removed from a storm drain -- a fire crew in Colorado removed a drain cover to rescue 10 ducklings that fell into a storm drain in Littleton.

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