Family of ducks find home at Orlando car dealership


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A family of 16 ducks have made a Nissan car dealership in Orlando their home, able to walk freely into the showroom floor to receive food.

The mother duck made a nest located outside the dealership and gave birth to 15 ducklings.

The team at Sutherlin Nissan had built a pond next to the showroom to feed and take care of the ducks who have become the dealership's mascots.


"We knew that we had to welcome them all into the Sutherlin family," the managing partner of Sutherlin Nissan said to Fox 13.

The dealership says that the ducks are a staple at their location with customers often able to spot them while shopping for automobiles.

The Miami Herald posted a video of the ducks crowding a salesman for food before being led back outside for more.

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