Remains of massive sewer 'fatberg' comes to Museum of London


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(UPI) The Museum of London announced a famous "fatberg" that clogged a London sewer is going on display starting Friday.

The museum said the Whitechapel fatberg, a 143-ton sewer blockage that became famous when it was removed from the sewer last September, is the subject of a new exhibit opening Friday that includes the last remaining samples from the bizarre blockage.

"It's grand, magnificent, fascinating and disgusting. The perfect museum object!" exhibit curator Vyki Sparkes said.

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"As soon as we found out about the Whitechapel fatberg we approached Thames Water to express our interest -- it was actually at one of their first press events about their discovery," Sparkes said. They've been incredibly supportive: they excavated the samples of the fatberg from sewers beneath Whitechapel on our behalf, and helped us every step of the way to putting it on display.

Sparkes said the exhibit also includes samples and information on how a large portion of the fatberg was converted into biodiesel.

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