Aggressive coyote traps North Carolina dad and daughters in car


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(UPI) A North Carolina man and his teenage daughters were trapped in their car when an aggressive coyote approached and attacked the vehicle.

John Schroter said he was driving Saturday night with his daughters, Hannah and Summer, when they spotted the coyote clawing at a neighbor's fence in Huntersville.

"I went from 'we're just going to let this thing run off into the woods and be a coyote,' to, 'this thing is going to attack anything in its path,'" Schroter told WCNC-TV.

Schroter captured video of the coyote encounter and posted it to Facebook.

"Saw a [most likely] rabid coyote in my neighborhood tonight," Schroter wrote. I was trying to scare it off from attacking the neighbors dogs and let it return to nature. But then it turned, bared its bloody teeth and attacked my car. So I called 911.

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The father said the coyote actually attacked the car.

"He actually started chewing on my front grill," he said. I put it in reverse a little bit and then he took off.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Animal Care & Control department dispatched a crew that tranquilized and captured the coyote.

The coyote was euthanized at a shelter and officials said they are testing to see if it had rabies, but it may have been aggressive due to fear and an injury.

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