Calm deer browses the bargains at Pennsylvania grocery store


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(UPI) A young deer found its way into a Pennsylvania grocery store, where it fearlessly browsed the aisles and approached shopping customers.

Alycia Hoffman filmed video Sunday afternoon at the Aldi store in Beaver County when she spotted a deer calmly walking through the facility.

"I thought it was really cute," Hoffman told KDKA-TV. I was really excited and nobody pulled out their phones, so I pulled out my phone.

The video shows customers attempt to help the small deer, a yearling buck, exit the store, but they are unable to open an emergency exit.

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Police arrived and escorted the deer out of the store. The animal rested for a time on the sidewalk, where a customer fed it some apples.

The deer eventually stood back up and was escorted to the nearby woods by a police officer.

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