VIDEO: Rattlesnake traps real estate agent inside Arizona house


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(UPI) An Arizona real estate agent attempting to leave after an open house found himself trapped inside the home by a dangerous front door visitor -- a diamondback rattlesnake.

A video posted to YouTube by user Our Simple Adventures on Tuesday shows what happened when the man, a Phoenix-area real estate agent, attempted to leave a Scottsdale home after hosting an open house on Saturday.

"As I was leaving my open house, I open the front door to take something to my Jeep and this rattlesnake greets me!" the man in a text scroll at the beginning of the video. I ran back in to grab my phone and this is where the video starts.

The video shows the snake, which the man estimated to be about 21/2 feet long, striking an aggressive pose and rattling just outside of the front door.

"Maybe that's why I didn't have any traffic today," the man says in the video.

The man tries shouting "get out of here" at the rattlesnake, but it refuses to comply. He says it is rare to see rattlesnakes venturing out into residential areas, but the home is located near the desert.

"Buddy, I need to leave and there doesn't need to be a rattlesnake here for showings," the man says.

The man attempts to throw a small rug at the snake, but he misses the reptile and the rattlesnake is undeterred.

Text at the end of the video says the man attempted to move the snake with a broom handle, but the reptile refused to budge. He ended up calling animal control to take the rattlesnake away.

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